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About Film & Animation / Student Kazumi Hiwatari (or jinx XD)Female/Unknown Groups :iconwuantplaysfc: WUANTplaysFC
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well lookwho got another haircut! :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 3 2 black night :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 6 3 !RAWR! :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 9 6 ponypie :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 112 49 shut up and look at your flank already! :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 1 2
Missjudgement *pewdiepie flashfiction*
*flash fiction read description*
"YOU LITTLE PARACITE!!!!" Stephano pinned the feeble man to the wall, "i should KILL you!!!" Skully peered behined the golden man to look at Pewdie, the immidiatly looked down tears welling in his eyes.
"I deserve it..." he wisperd looking smaller then ever compared to the rageful bro pinning him. Stephano reached for his sword with the spare hand.
"STOP IT!" Pewdie shrieked blind siding his friend. Skully fell on the floor pewdie had not relised that Stephano was holding him up. He wanted to help him to his feet but was too discusted by what they had learned.
"We should just leave him behind he's no bro of ours anymore!" Piggeh announced with Mr.Chair nodding in agreement. Skully remaind on the ground.
"How could you? How could you stoop so low as to work far the..." Pewdie was discuded by the word "...the BARRELS!" Skully still gazing down searched for the words to say. He finnally looked up and Pewdie winced at the broken empty look in his eyes as if
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shocking relazation :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 2 3
Sucked In *Intro (should i make more)
(skully's POV)
   "Fuck!" I reached for my leg, covering my mouth to prevent a scream as i snapped it back into place. 'lucky this time' I thought, 'if it broke you would be screwed'. Sighing I stood up remembering Beyal's words...
   "...The gamer should enter near the upper dungeons, you HAVE to get to him first. Dont worry about the man with the glases or the pink haired one, you just have to avoid the gold one but, if you have to get on his good side..."
    Judging how he was described all those times that will not be easy but its worth a shot. After all it will be almost impossible to avoid someone like that. Finnally reaching the dungeon i stared in awe as the portel appeared...
(felix POV)
   Walking to my computer i felt uneasy. I bagan the lets play..."looks like you have a new one for me bros!" i said clicking on the strange tittle "i guess its in anot
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the forgotten one :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 114 25 Magnet Collab :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 0 1 tarar fran ljuset :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 1 3 i will hit you :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 8 4 it's a lie :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 64 19 HA I KNEW IT!(animatian sorta) :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 0 0 Ding-Dong....Hide-and-Seek :iconblackmaskedangel:blackmaskedangel 0 0
the slender suit proluage
  "shh!" Adrian pushed me into my room. He clutched tighter to the bat he had been holding as barks turned to whines and then sickening crunches.
  "but ADRI-" he pushed me gain and told me to locke the door. The silence was unbearable as i held my kitchen knife. A cry of furry rang through the air along with the sounds of breaking glass.
  "NO!!!" he yelled as i heard snapping wood. Screaming, so mutch screaming as bones broke and flesh tore...
  my mind was racing 'NO!' i thought "don't think. don't BREATH! he will hear you'
clICk CLICK the the knob began turning slowly. He walked in bloody, slender, a black suit and skin sickly eyes.... I screamed dropping the knife as i tripped over an old doll and fell on my bottom in front of the bed.
"SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!" i screamed trying to shield my self. The man grinned and then the lights went out...
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meh... yes i know i have some ponies to draw but,...yeah.


Kazumi Hiwatari (or jinx XD)
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
:thumb293117439: GI Joe: Scarlett+Snake 4-EVER by WolfenM Satoshi Stamp by cloud-env by Satoshi-lovers Don't hurt us by iRaccoon emo icon stamp thing by blackmaskedangel random flashing picture of me by blackmaskedangel
Custom Music/Drawing Cutie Mark by HuskSummers
imma metal girl and artistic my heart beats music i breath art i think animation and i live for color i am pretty popular with the guys mainly because i have been considerd with one imma teen and im a litle to unique to exlpane




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